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About Craniosacral therapy for infants and newborns

Craniosacral therapy (also called Cranial Sacral Therapy) is a type of medical massage therapy that releases tension and compression in the cranial bones of the head, and the sacrum bone in the lower back. CST uses gentle hand-pressure techniques to manipulate these bones and surrounding tissue in the skull and lower back. This has been shown to improve the circulation and flow of cerebrospinal fluid by removing blockages and stimulating nerves. Increased spinal fluid circulation can help regulate and normalize a baby's central nervous system. This enhances their ability to heal and speeds in the recovery of various types of head injuries associated with traumatic childbirth.

CST has also proven to be a very effective treatment for newborns with feeding difficulties. Many feeding problems in newborns occur when the baby is not able to open their mouth enough to "latch on" to the mother's nipples. CST can improve this problem by eliminating the tension and stiffness in the baby's oral reflexes, neck and shoulders.  A number of recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of CST in resolving feeding problems caused by motor impairments in infants.

Baby receiving gentle head touch